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Welcome to Friday Gas & Oil Co. Inc.
"Delivering Warmth, Fueling Trust: Your Reliable and Friendly Energy Partner"


Nothing is worse than realizing you're out of heating oil in the middle of winter. At Friday Gas and Oil we will work hard to expedite your delivery in emergency situations, typically getting you the fuel you need in 24 hours or less.

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We offer timely courteous and efficient delivery

We operate the most modern and capable fuel delivery fleet on the road today!

We serve your area with residential, commerical, agricultural and transportation fuel delivery needs of Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, Propane, and Gasoline

  • #2 Home Heating oil -Ideal for inside and underground tanks this fuel doesn't need to be winterized! 

  • #1 Blended (Winterized)- This fuel is ready to stand up to cold temps and keep your home warm without gelling up! A refinery blended 70/30 mix of fuel oil and kerosene will do the trick, however we go one step further to protect you by adding an additional anti-gel agent in at delivery! 

  • Propane-We now deliver propane for residential and commercial use!

We understand that you need timely, reliable fuel delivery to keep your business running.


We aim to exceed your expectations and make sure that you have what you need to stay moving!


We offer delivery of Heating Oil (#2 and Blended), Off Road Diesel, On Road Diesel, Propane, and Gasoline.

No matter what your needs are we have you covered!

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Propane Vs. Heating Oil
Let's Discuss!

​Heating oil and propane are both readily available, but they have some key differences Propane is more stable in price, while Heating Oil prices tend to fluctuate regularly. Propane is also cleaner, more versatile, and can be used for other appliances like stoves and dryers. However, heating oil furnaces are typically more efficient and require less maintenance. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of each system and consider the specific needs of your home or business before making a decision. It's also important to understand the differences between the two fuels before making a decision. Heating oil comes from refined crude oil, while propane is produced during natural gas processing. Our experienced team can guide you through the nuances of the fuels and provide you with the best solution based on your specific needs. Pros and Cons of Heating Oil Benefits of Heating Oil On average heating oil generates more heat per gallon compared to propane. It also has a higher BTU output per gallon, resulting in better fuel efficiency. Oil equipment generally comes at a lower purchase cost. Saving you money from the start.  Heating oil is safe, vaporizing only at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. ​ Drawbacks of Heating Oil The price of heating oil is subject to the international market and it tends to be more volatile than propane pricing. Heating oil emits more carbon dioxide gas when burned compared to propane. Oil furnaces require regular cleaning and maintenance. ​ ​ Pros and Cons of Propane ​ ​ Propane has been a popular heating option for decades, boasting distinct advantages over heating oil. However, it also has its limitations. Let’s look more into those differences.  Benefits of Propane Propane is generally less expensive per gallon than heating oil. It produces minimal amounts of carbon dioxide when burned. Propane furnaces require less maintenance. Propane can power various home appliances other than just your furnace! Drawbacks of Propane Although heating oil costs more per unit, its higher heat output means you’ll use less heating oil to warm your home compared to propane. Propane furnaces come with a higher upfront cost compared to oil furnaces. Propane is combustible, requiring careful handling and storage outside, for most tanks they also need to be a minimum of 10ft from your home.

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